Jackie, Tilly, Dolly and Jeti – Four sisters that have lived together in the small village of Marathounta, Cyprus for a long time. They are all sweet, affectionate, well behaved and ageing gracefully. This foursome is much loved and cared for and get the exclusive priveledges of being the inside pets (see the other outside animals at this sit below). They all love having company and were quick to let me know if I was not paying them enough attention or too much attention to one of the other siblings. With numerous snoozing spots to catch the afternoon sun or hide in a cosy cupboard, a headcount would sometime have me on a hunt for a missing cat, only to find Dolly, Jeti or Tilly in a favourite quiet corner or basket.

Percy, JoJo, Barooch, One Eye, Micha, Tiny and Allessio – Seven lucky wild cats of Cyprus. They have an entire balcony and huge yard to defend between morning and evening feeding times. This seven, plus the four above, make my largest house sitting assignment to date. It was a pleasure to learn all of their personalities, and the hierarchy and power structure within this tribe. An occasional scrap, hiss and howl could be heard in the evening, but the law of cat society had big old JoJo as the head of the tribe, Percy the “I’m too pretty cat”, the two black boys Tiny and Allessio the stealth warriors, Micha the only girl and very timid and shy and Barooch the ginger has some health issues and is the most delicate in the group.

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