Find me a House Sitter Services

Find me a House Sitter is a service provided by Pet and Plant Poppins for home owners that require in home care for their property and pets while they are away and need to source a house sitter. Pet and Plant Poppins takes care of the entire process. This is what home and pet owners get, all included in the Find me a House Sitter service:

Initial Consultation

  • Introductory face to face meeting or skype call with Narelle and review submission form and specific requirements, discuss and decide on time frames for sitter fulfilment and perfect sitter
  • Confirm contact preference method and frequency
  • Home visit (virtual or physical)
  • Discuss any special terms

During the Find me a House Sitter search and process

  • Full access with Narelle via phone, email, messenger, Instagram and Facebook
  • Regular updates from Narelle at the agreed frequency and times (minimum weekly)
  • Narelle will advertise on several location appropriate website and social media platforms for the house sitting vacancy
  • Narelle will review the pre-approved pool of house sitter candidates for suitability
  • An initial short list of candidates (top five) supplied by email. Short bio provided and links to the sitter’s house sitting profile (and social media profile (if available) and references and outline of experience, strengths and availability
  • Narelle to conduct initial house sitter phone interviews and provide feedback (in the format preferred by home owner)
  • Home owner to conduct  house sitter physical or video interviews and Narelle will contact home owners post interviews to discuss
  • Preferred house sitter chosen and confirmation of the following responsibilities:
    • Daily pet care including feeding, exercise, grooming
    • Other pet care
    • Garden maintenance including watering of gardens, lawns, indoor and outdoor pot plants
    • Property maintenance and cleaning
    • Collection of mail
    • Management of contractors, visitors, guests
  • Narelle to make offer and confirm dates including travel arrangements

Confirmation and House Sitter Assignment Hand Over

  • House Sitter details confirmed
  • Dates and travel details confirmed
  • All details and case notes handed over to home owner
  • Template for “Pet and Plant Poppins Welcome Kit” provided
  • “Pet and Plant Poppins Prepare for your House Sitter Check List” provided
  • Agreed pre and post sit follow up calls/visit times decided

After the Hand Over is complete all communications between the home owner and house sitter happen directly between the two parties.

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