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Are you going away and don’t have the time, patience, persistence or inclination to do the leg work of advertising, sourcing, sorting and selecting a house sitter for your needs?

Pet and Plant Poppins is available to take care of all of this for you. From deciding just what exactly it is that you need in a sitter to shortlisting the best from a panel of pre qualified house sitters and finalising the arrangements Pet and Plant Poppins can take this part of your travel planning off your busy hands.

If you have never had a house sitter in your home before or the digital landscape and social media minefield is a challenge you would prefer not to face hand over this job to Pet and Plant Poppins.

You provide Narelle with your dates, needs, property and pet details and she does the rest. Narelle will match you with the perfectly suited sitter that not only has the experience and credentials to demonstrate they can be trusted with your home and animals, but also can connect with you personally.

This is NOT a search engine or web site membership, this is a fee for service where Narelle will be your house sitter placement consultant much the same way an employment agency matches up job seekers with employers.

As a full time house sitter and owner of several properties in Australia Narelle has an intimate understanding of what home owners require when seeking a house sitter. Hand over the worry, stress and hard work and contact Pet and Plant Poppins today, fill in your details and your house sitting assignment will be filled, guaranteed.

“I will personally manage your house sitting placement and can guarantee I will find the right house sitter for you. I will apply the highest standards that I would want and expect myself. As a house sitter I have a 100% request to return rate and only place sitters I hold in high regard and that demonstrate the same commitment to home owners as I do myself”
– Narelle Neville, Pet and Plant Poppins

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