Spain, France and Portugal



Tosca & Otto – They come as a pair, two lovely Tonkinese. They are brother and sister and have come all the way from New Zealand to enjoy the Mediteranean lifestyle in the Algarve, South of Portugal.

Nola – A two year old female Labrador Cross with sweet eyes and a lovely temperament. Nola enjoys walks in the forest behind the village where she lives in Marseille and loves to check to see if you can fold up blankets by swapping her favourites around.

Chiko -A male Podenco. while not a permanent resident at the house I was sitting Chiko would make regular appearances and enjoyed the hospitality and company of the rest of the tribe.

Katy – A female Podenco, a Spanish breed of dog originally from the Canary Islands. The Podenco is still used in the Canary Islands today in packs as a hunting dog but Katy got lucky and lives in the Spanish country side with four cats and gets to run around in the hills during the day, stay cool in her kennel or warm up in the sun as it sets.

Tiger – He’s big and he’s black and he might just be a little bit magic! This sleek and stealth guy liked afternoons in the sun and nights on the prowl – and not to be disturbed!

Soxy – She is one very cool character who was found in a bin as a kitten and has risen up the ranks to top cat of the campo. She is the matriarch of her feline family and isn’t shy in pulling out the punches and can turn on the good looks and gentle charm when the moment strikes her.

Lily – A divine pure white feline. She was a rescue kitten but belongs in a cat show, and she might just know it. A little moody and not to be underestimated this pretty white fluffy thing runs the country side by day and night and then contends with her grooming every other waking minute, I don’t know how she fits it all in!

George – 12 week old kitten, delightfully fun and playful and ready to take on anything in the campo. Formidable and fierce with the help of his two big sisters and brother he pops up in places unexpectedly, provides hours of entertainment and fantastic companionship.

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