North Africa

Moroccan Street Cats – While I didn’t have a cat to care for in the beautifully restored four level medina home I was sitting there were plenty of cats that called the Medina home in Fes where I was based and every city and town I visited. They were timid, talkative, fierce and friendly. Some had strategically secured a spot outside of the butchers or fishmongers, while others roamed the streets and alleys after dark fending for themselves and a few held spots high up over the tanneries. They would generally make a mess of things foraging for food and many wore a black spot on their nose, some of the leftovers from where they had poked their head the night before.

Mateo – This feisty Tunisian kitten of five months old, if the size of his paws is anything to go by is destined for big things. He is a natural born predator and has more than just a wild streak in him. With pointy ears and fine markings, this pretty boy born in the streets of Tunis is definitely the Alpha Male of the house, where the cat is king.

”The best recommendation came from my animals on my return. They all looked calm and relaxed. I would be very happy to have Narelle again anytime, and I’d warmly recommend her to anyone who’s anxious like me to leave their babies with a stranger. Narelle doesn’t stay a stranger for long.”

Dinour ~ Cyprus ~ November 2019

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