Central America

Paddy and Millie – Two senior dogs living a quiet life in El Salvador. Paddy’s big ears and bandy legs sure do give him a unique look. He is a tough little guy that battles arthritis in his little bones. Paddy can typically be found on his big cushions by the window in the sun sitting or sleeping. Millie is Paddy’s best friend and she is a bit more mobile and happy to help out with any leftover breakfast or dinner he might have. She is a sweet old girl, gentle and happy and she likes short morning walks and sunset strolls.

Zeus – This gorgeous guy with a shiny red coat, jaunty strut and curious eyes is a loyal and forever happy companion. He is never far away, whether it be right on my heels as we are hiking through the jungle, running alongside me at the beach or sniffing around the flowers while we are out in the garden. Zeus is very happy in his newly remodelled home with incredible valley views, and it is a pleasure to be back in Atenas for the second time to take care of him.

Paddy and Millie – This duo is the perfect pet pair of yin and yang personalities. Paddy likes to be left alone and Millie doesn’t like to leave me alone, so we all get along fine. Paddy and Millie live in a small estate in Santa Tecla to the west of San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador. It is perfect for walking a few laps in the morning in the sun while stretching our legs. In the evening we all settle down together or take a short walk to admire the decorations in the neighbourhood and most other times it’s serious napping on king-sized cushions.

Zeus – A young, sweet, energetic dog that was rescued and taken in by an American expat now calling Costa Rica her home. Zeus is very well behaved, has lots of energy and is endlessly entertaining. He oscillates between giddily happy and seriously pensive and loves to have company to spend his days by the pool with.

Buster, Kona, Ripley & Loki – I had four really big and interesting personalities on my hands on Isla Cristobal, Panama. Arguably the most determined, and sassy is Ripley. She has gorgeous long shiny black hair and amazing electric green eyes and a meow that demands attention and an appetite that won’t quit. The other cat in my care on this sit was Loki. This pretty grey guy loves the camera and the feeling is mutual. Quiet and gentle and not one to be fussed over he is timid but sweet. The older of the two dogs is 11-year-old Buster who would typically start the day with me in his ‘I am just going to be here while you have your breakfast pose’. Buster is an old gentle sweet soul made of mostly black lab. The younger dog is Kona, an independent, active and quirky girl who loves to run around the large garden on a sunny day chasing anything that will move.

”We are very happy with how Narelle took good care of our property and four animals. From feeding schedules, to exercise, our dogs and cats were very well looked after. It gave me peace of mind knowing someone we trusted was there watching them and keeping them safe.”

Kallsey and Brad ~ Panama ~ March 2021

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