The UK

Whiskey, Ollie & Didge – Three older cats that live in the English countryside and enjoy a charmed life. They each have their own territory marked out and respect each others space, favourite spots and most importantly feeding stations. The two brothers (no points for guessing which ones they are) are almost indistinguishable, Didge a bit longer and leaner while Ollie more solid and chunky. Whisky, a bit wobbly on her aging back legs usually rests on the window sill in the sun but can get up a mean hiss if her favourite dish of shrimp for breakfast is being eyed off by one of the boys.

Steve & Tom – On my first visit to the UK, I spent one month on the beautiful Isle of Wight in a small village in the South West. During this time I cared for Tom & Steve, both about ten years old and have grown up together after they were rescued as kittens in Africa. Tom is an independent, tough and chatty fellow and Steve is sweet and playful. Steve is blind and so requires a greater level of vigilance and care, but this extremely capable cat loves to go for walks in the field and knows his way around the place and doesn’t let his lack of vision slow him down.

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