Ginger – 13 year old domestic short hair that I sat in an Adelaide home for three weeks. Ginger was very timid when we first met, and on the two occasions I visited her home before the sit she was in hiding the whole time. On the first day of the sit I was still yet to spot Ginger, although food was being eaten and as an indoor only cat there was nothing for me to be concerned about. With older timid cats I give them a chance to get used to a stranger in their home and allow them to socialise with me in their own time. Two days into the sit Ginger was purring loudly, sharing the couch with me and waking me up with those big dish plate eyes.

Rocky – 3 year old male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that I sat for a short few days while his parents were visiting friends outside of the city. We enjoyed some short walks in the park near by in between the rain and wind . A wonderful cheeky character and lots of fun to spend time with.

Tonka – a 11 year old male Burmilla that is independent and likes to keep an eye on things but very keen to also monitor what is happening in the home, especially in the kitchen. This chatty cat would always welcome me back to his home and on a cold day could be found curled up on the couch.

Blazer – A six month old Cavoodle that has energy to burn! Loves walking in the beautiful parklands that surround Adelaide and socialising with the other dogs in the dog park near by. But after a big walk he is happy to take a Saturday afternoon snooze and keep me company.

Gilbert – This is Gilbert, a 9 year old domestic cat. I was looking after him in his beautiful period home in Adelaide while his owners were away. He did miss them as he is very spoiled but we soon came to be good friends. He loves to cuddle up and keep warm with me and is very chatty.

Champy – This big guy had the run of the house, let himself in and out and knew when breakfast and dinner was due to be served. He would pop up stairs to check on me in the morning to ensure I was coming down for breakkie with him.

Elliot – I was fortunate to be reunited with my old friend Elliott and picked up where we left off. On the couch, curled up and cosy.

8677B5E9-B41A-493A-9FBF-3E08C8A4D928.jpegGinger, Hazel and Chocolate – good layers except when it gets really cold. A healthy happy brood living a charmed free range life.

B2F17A64-4424-4BCB-9110-413AD4048FAEGeorgie – Machi’s sweet timid sister, also a Maremma Sheepdog. This is an intelligent and strong willed breed and Georgie is characteristic of their independent thinking. She needed a little extra attention to make sure her breakfast and dinner didn’t go missing before she managed to get to it. A very sweet girl who was happy to rest in her favourite spot or run around with her brother.

Machi – A big old male Maremma Sheepdog who loves to run around with his sister Georgie out in the cool windy weather of the Adelaide Hills but always gentle, well mannered and good company sitting in the warmth out of the cold night.

Elliot house sit GlengowrieElliot – I recently took care of this two your old man in a lovely Adelaide home. Elliot definitely asserted his position as man of the house and was sure to be there in the evenings to keep an eye on things and in the mornings to ensure I did not forget where the pantry was! Aloof to start with Elliot and I shared some quality couch time and he would snuggle up after a few well placed scratches around the ears and chin.

”I’m quite nervous about going away, as our cat does not like us being away one bit, and does not always connect with the sitters. Narelle made friends with him quickly at our first meet and we returned to find a happy cat and spotless home.”

David ~ Australia ~ June 2018
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