Rubi – This mature Mexico Mutt is the Assistant Manager at a beautiful villa in Sayulita. Rubi typically greets guests, makes sure they are tucked in for the night and guards the gate. While I was staying with Rubi she took some time off from her duties as the villa was closed for the season. In the absence of guests Rubi became my chief guide on the jungle and beach trails to the north and south of town, and favourite companion to enjoy a beautiful sunset with from the deck.

Nelson – I took care of Nelson on a short house sit of two weeks in the Mexican Pacific coast town of Lo de Marcos. Nelson is a rescue, and now is loved not just by his new Mum, but everyone that gets to meet him. A sweet, gentle big dog with more than a few dashes of Labrador in him, Nelson is typically happy to relax on a cool cement floor or a shady spot on the beach. Among his typically calm demeanor Nelson will inject a couple of jumps of joy and excitement when leaving the house or running on the beach among the waves crashing.

Max – This is Max from Morelia! He is a mature ginger fellow of about 11 years and has moved down from the States to retire in his cool, quiet historical home. He is big and fluffy and loves to be around people. He is surprisingly agile and can get up a brisk run to the kitchen when it’s time for a meal, or to make sure I know the way if I have been out for a few hours. Max gives amazing cuddles and can be chatty if he wants to know what I am up to.

Iggy, Stevie and Joni – This is Stevie and Iggy, two adopted cats that have been living as brother and sister in the uber cool Mexican Instafabulous beach town of Tulum and their recently added sibling Joni, a cute while bunny that needed a home as much as any house needs a fluffy white rabbit. Stevie is painfully shy, except, when on her terms she may want to sniff, knead and cuddle, usually very early in the morning. Iggy is curious, bossy and talkative with all of the quirks you might expect of a cat of the Caribbean, including being very vigilant around the pool as you can see here. Joni is sweet, happy and friendly. She likes company and when she is feeling active shows off with the cutest lop sided bunny jumps and launches into her pen for feeds of fresh greens.

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