Bella, Zutroy and Lencho – With just a few weeks between visits, I was back to kick off a new year in Cabo and get to know these three happy tabbies – each unique and totally adorable.

There is Zutroy, Mr Cool and Calm, always keeping an eye on things but seemingly equally disinterested in the world around him, and to my dismay, me. Beautiful Bella, who likes to snuggle in small doses but has mastered the art of serious napping and commandeers the sofa like it’s no ones business. The baby is Lencho. If you lock eyes with this guy you may not come out alive – especially if you resemble a piece of plastic or electrical wiring. If ever there is a power outage in Cabo, it may be Lencho that has bought the city down.

I will miss my three feline friends, but have a date to come back later in the year to look after them for a third time.

Bella, Zutroy and Lencho – Meet the Cabo Crew! three beautiful cats that have moved down from LA and bought their big personalities with them.

There is Bella, the only girl of the group and she is easy to identify with her big bootylicious curves, she is super cute and loves to steal a snuggle or two. Her brother Zutroy is a handsome cat that has the face of a little lion, he is a chilled out guy and prefers to find quiet spots and his own space. The baby of the bunch is Lencho, and he is the oddball! He’s always on the hunt, eternally alert and ready to jump to the rescue if a ball, bug or bright light appears!

Iggy, Stevie, Yoko and Joni – Say hello to the (growing) Tulum Tribe now with four members. I have been here four times and on my first house sat here I was coming to care for timid and sweet Stevie and the oddball Iggy. However, just before I was due to arrive Joni hopped into the picture and she is now convinced she is no different than her cat brother and sister.

More recently Yoko has appeared on the scene. During my last trip to Tulum, she was still relegated to outside quarters while she was getting her necessary shots and a clear bill of health. Yoko now enjoys a big comfy bed and much of the run of the downstairs section of the home (much to the chagrin of the other members of the family). Yoko is also the friendliest and noisiest.

Rubi – I have returned to Sayulita on the Pacific Coast of Mexico to take care of Rubi while her owner takes a vacation with family and spends some time in the US. My arrival in Sayulita was a little earlier than last year and it is wonderful to be back in this Pueblo Magico. The Summer heat dominates the days and provides sensational sunsets in the evening. Beating the high temperatures and humidity Rubi and I enjoy early morning beach walks. While she doesn’t run around as much as she once did her time on the beach is her favourite way to start at day.

Nelson – Returning to Lo de Marcos for a second sit, I am looking after Nelson while his owner takes a short trip to visit family and friends. I was greeted at the bus stop and Nelson and I picked up right where we left off. We do twice, sometimes thrice daily trips to the beach, some hiking and cruise around town in the golf cart which Nelson commandeers from the passenger seat. He is as gentle as he is handsome and a treat to return to care for.

Max and Khalma – I am back in Morelia for my third time, looking after big Max again and his sister Khalma who joined the family late last year. On this sit I have been enjoying morning walks with Khalma all over the historical centre. Visiting parks, plazas, fountains, churches, cafes and calles are all a part of a typical day. These long meandering walks have been a pleasant addition to my daily routine while I’ve been here. It is hot here right now so Max and Khalma are often shielding from the heat during the day. Typically they both have their preferred spots but can sometimes be found both seeking refuge in the same place staking out spots to snooze solo on my bed.

Iggy, Stevie and Joni – For the past month I have been back in Tulum, looking after this tribe of three. This is my third visit here, and Iggy, Stevie and Joni are so much fun to take care of. Iggy and Stevie are the ones with the long tails and are rescues and find spots in the house to spy and sleep. Iggy likes to seek out company during the day and will tolerate cuddles. Stevie waits until bedtime to come looking for attention and only on her terms!

Joni, the white fluffy one, wants to be part of the gang and is blissfully unaware that she is fundamentally different from the other two. She can however jump up on the bed to say good morning, likes to be hand-fed a small entree of snacks before starting her main meal and exercises some quality control when the greens are not quite to her liking.

Khalma – During my last stay in Morelia when the owner was home for a few days between trips Khalma joined Casa Azul. Khalma was adopted off the streets from Santa del Cobre, a small village close to Morelia. Dirty and in need of a few treatments and a check-up by the vet she came to the house and settled in right away. Her sweet personality meant she was gentle with Max who is timid by nature, and adored by all she met in her new neighbourhood.

Max – This big ginger guy epitomises my belief that ginger cats have the sweetness gene flowing through their feline veins. Max’s physical size is matched by the greatness of his gentle nature. His big tiger cuddles are the best way to spend an evening on the couch, an afternoon break or moments before tucking in for bed.

Iggy, Stevie and Joni – This is the Tulum Tribe, which I am looking after for the second time this year. We have Stevie (the girl, grey and white cat) and Iggy (male, with tiger stripes) who have been long time residents in Tulum. Both have the typical small frame and skinny legs and round head of cats in Mexico, and they both have very distinct personalities. Stevie and Iggy have not changed much since my last visit. Stevie who has always been very timid is a bit bolder now, especially when it comes to lizards and insects in the garden, and the ever odd Iggy is a bit cuddlier and has chilled out a bit. Joni is the third member of this tribe and the most recent arrival in the house. When I was here in April she had just joined the family and was a tiny little baby bunny that could fit into the palm of my hand. In the past six months, she has undergone a transformation and is a full-blown thumper now. Her size rivals that of the other two, she loves to wander around the garden and likes to say hello and come and see what I am up to.

Rubi – This mature Mexico Mutt is the Assistant Manager at a beautiful villa in Sayulita. Rubi typically greets guests, makes sure they are tucked in for the night and guards the gate. While I was staying with Rubi she took some time off from her duties as the villa was closed for the season. In the absence of guests Rubi became my chief guide on the jungle and beach trails to the north and south of town, and favourite companion to enjoy a beautiful sunset with from the deck.

Nelson – I took care of Nelson on a short house sit of two weeks in the Mexican Pacific coast town of Lo de Marcos. Nelson is a rescue, and now is loved not just by his new Mum, but everyone that gets to meet him. A sweet, gentle big dog with more than a few dashes of Labrador in him, Nelson is typically happy to relax on a cool cement floor or a shady spot on the beach. Among his typically calm demeanor Nelson will inject a couple of jumps of joy and excitement when leaving the house or running on the beach among the waves crashing.

Max – This is Max from Morelia! He is a mature ginger fellow of about 11 years and has moved down from the States to retire in his cool, quiet historical home. He is big and fluffy and loves to be around people. He is surprisingly agile and can get up a brisk run to the kitchen when it’s time for a meal, or to make sure I know the way if I have been out for a few hours. Max gives amazing cuddles and can be chatty if he wants to know what I am up to.

Iggy, Stevie and Joni – This is Stevie and Iggy, two adopted cats that have been living as brother and sister in the uber cool Mexican Instafabulous beach town of Tulum and their recently added sibling Joni, a cute while bunny that needed a home as much as any house needs a fluffy white rabbit. Stevie is painfully shy, except, when on her terms she may want to sniff, knead and cuddle, usually very early in the morning. Iggy is curious, bossy and talkative with all of the quirks you might expect of a cat of the Caribbean, including being very vigilant around the pool as you can see here. Joni is sweet, happy and friendly. She likes company and when she is feeling active shows off with the cutest lopsided bunny jumps and launches into her pen for feeds of fresh greens.

”I knew from our FaceTime talk that she was going to be great but she exceeded my expectations. Narelle took care of Nelson, my very special large lab that is my absolute love. Leaving him for two weeks definitely was a bit easier knowing he was in good hands.”

Lisa ~ Mexico ~ June 2021

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