Iggy, Stevie and Joni – This is Stevie and Iggy, two adopted cats that have been living as brother and sister in the uber cool Mexican Instafabulous beach town of Tulum and their recently added sibling Joni, a cute while bunny that needed a home as much as any house needs a fluffy white rabbit. Stevie is painfully shy, except, when on her terms she may want to sniff, knead and cuddle, usually very early in the morning. Iggy is curious, bossy and talkative with all of the quirks you might expect of a cat of the Caribbean, including being very vigilant around the pool as you can see here. Joni is sweet, happy and friendly. She likes company and when she is feeling active shows off with the cutest lop sided bunny jumps and launches into her pen for feeds of fresh greens.

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