South America

Sydney and Hunter – These two adorable brothers have hearts as big as their stature. Standing almost as high as my waist they are very strong, especially as a pair walking together. These brothers love to sniff out the goats passing through the neighbourhood, true to their Spinone Italiano breed which is an Italian hunting dog. Sydney is the older of the two and can be mistaken for being serious, but he is actually very curious and breaks into some goofy stunts and likes to get a crowd laughing. Hunter is high energy and playful. He has a very keen nose and sometimes has trouble containing his excitement, but is very gentle when he is seeking out a cuddle in the morning.

Harley and Quinn – I was asked to return to Manta on the coast of Ecuador to look after these two adorable big cats who may have even grown a bit since I was here earlier in the year! They also have moved into a new apartment and have a fantastic big balcony facing the ocean from which they can spy pelicans and seagulls, but while I was here this time they discovered huge fish and birds in the giant living room window!

Harley and Quinn – These two guys have moved from Atlanta and are now Ecuadorian coastal cats in Manta. Despite both of them being of generous proportions, they both possess timid feline personalities. After sizing me up for a day or two they came out of their shell (or from under the bed covers) to check on me to see if I am working or stake out a spot on the couch for a night in.

Hollie, Osa and Mia – On this house sit in Cusco, Peru it was a house full of women, myself, two dogs and one cat. Holly (the white dog) is the oldest and has boss eyes, sad eyes, sly eyes, tired eyes, happy eyes and eyes for any other doggy emotion you could imagine. Osa (the brown dog) is the younger of the two dogs and is happy, carefree and equal parts goofy and nimble. Mia the cat, who by virtue of her breed and being outnumbered in the house is typically is hyper-vigilant and she knows exactly the moment when a sleeping dog turns into a four-legged force!

”Narelle is a lovely person, and she did an outstanding job caring for my two adult male cats and condominium in Manta, Ecuador. In addition to happy, healthy, and relaxed kitties, I was delighted to find my home spotlessly fresh and clean, in every way just a little nicer than she found it. ”

Kelly ~ Ecuador ~ February 2022

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