What makes you so special?

If you are new to house sitting or considering becoming a sitter you may wish to take some time to think about what could be your specialty area. Or if you have been house sitting for some time and previously haven’t given this much thought you could have a specialty area that has developed naturally over time.

For example, for me it happened quite unintentionally. I get a lot of sits with older cats, many whom are very shy and timid with people, especially strangers in their home. I am a cat lover and connect with cats of all ages, sizes and demeanour so this is a natural fit and puts pet owners of sensitive, fussy, old or delicate cats at ease.

Not every house sit will be specifically matched to what your specialty is, but knowing your best fit will assist in choosing where to focus your energies when applying for house sits. Where to hedge your bets, so to speak.

A specialty does not need to be categorised to an animal category. Perhaps you come from a farming background so can demonstrate your value to home and farm owners through the skills you bring with that experience. Maybe you have lived off grid and can present this in your profile when specifically applying for sits where this is helpful. It could be the maintenance required around the home, it could be the climate and weather conditions of the destination, it could be the nationality specifically of the owners that comes up as a theme.

As well identifying the locality in which you would like to house sit, ensuring you have a good profile and adding a specialty area to this will add strength to those applications where it is suitable. And don’t be shy in celebrating and sharing this. If this is something that you do well, better than most and may be hard to come by home and pet owners needing someone with your ability will want to know about it.

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