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Since choosing to actively seek out house sitting my largest source of introductions to house sits has been as a paid member of a house sitting website. Well worth the small initial monetary investment, this platform has helped me generate a considerable tail of sits into the end of this calendar year. It is important to acknowledge though, that securing confirmed sits through a house sitting website does require some work, and the first bit of effort required is to create a profile.

There are a number of house sitting websites house sitters can pay to join. Loosely the profile on these sites follow a similar format and number of elements.






Here are my suggested guidelines on how to approach creating your house sitting profile.


Title and Description

This needs to be unique and memorable.


Photo and Videos

Most house sits are sought by owners looking for a trusted and reliable person to look after their pets and home so plenty of pictures with you and happy healthy animals should be included. One or two pictures of the sitter should be included,  natural and relaxed and if you are offering your services as a couple a picture together. Remember this is not your travel album.

Videos are great, but keep them short, under 60 seconds and make sure the lighting and sound are good. A windy day at the beach is not fun to watch.



When penning your introduction give it the consideration you would when applying for a job.


References and Endorsements

Arguably to most valuable part of your profile. When starting out consider where you may source these from. Consider employers, landlords, charities or community groups. If you are a land lord your self tenants and property managers can offer a great insight into your character.

Once you are happy with your profile its time to start applying. You can always edit and improve, and continue to update photos and references as you continue to do more house sits.

If you are happy with my profile and would like to contact me please fill out this form and I will be in touch soon.

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