Don’t overlook a reverse endorsement for your home owner

Much is spoken, written and realised about the value of referrals and endorsements for house sitters but why should a sitter go to the trouble of leaving an endorsement for an owner?

The first myth to dispel is that is requires effort, it should not be any trouble. Speak honestly on your experience. For me it is a few lines on how I was treated, the home and neighbourhood, what I liked, what I will miss and of course comments on any pets in my care. If the owner found you through a house sitting website then to leave an endorsement is made very simple and easy to do.

The second myth that needs to be broken is that by leaving an endorsement you may loose potential future sits to other sitters by promoting these home owners. Rest assured if the owners were happy when returning to their home and found that their home and pets had been well cared for you are a good candidate for a return sit. And if in addition to this you have personally been easy to deal with, respectful and polite should another opportunity arise you are likely to be the first choice.

I do draw the line at negative endorsements. My personal rule is to only leave positive reviews.

The upside of the leaving a reverse endorsement is it makes very clear to the owners, if it is your intent that you be asked to return sit, you get another opportunity to say thankyou and if they do require a sitter and you are not able to do it they too can build on their profile as well.

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