HSFF (House Sitting Friends Forever)

One of the unexpected benefits of house sitting has been the warm and genuine connection I have made with people I would never have otherwise met. Some times these relationships are fleeting, like a whirl wind romance. Others have a bitter sweet lingering longevity, with a door open for rekindling the HSFF relationship when the need arises.

Through connecting with singles, couples, families and friends from all over and of all ages I have met many wonderful people. People who I can honestly say, that without house sitting our paths would have never crossed. The very quick intimacy shared by being welcomed into another families home, and the responsibility given of caring for the property and pets establishes a footing for a friendship I have not experienced before.

I have found that owners and I are quick to share fond travel stories, packing advice, cleaning tips and feedback on best local spots. Also, with the ability to communicate through social media, messaging aps and smart phones the swapping of details, itineraries and flight arrivals further strengthens these burgeoning bonds, even before arriving at the home.

I wrote a short while ago of the virtual community I have discovered through house sitting and the generous sharing of ideas that is bounding around the world wide web. On a much more local level, meeting play mates at the local dog park or being greeted by the barista in the morning has become just a couple of the simple but sweet highlights of my house sitting adventure.

If you are a fellow house sitter follow my blog for more articles and if you need a house sitter send me a message and I will be in touch.


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