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Since becoming a full time house sitter an unexpected benefit has been the connections and networks that are readily available and easily formed. Once I scratched the surface whole communities became accessible. Some of these communities are real and if you are a house sitter it is likely there are other house sitters in your city or state you may wish to connect with. Others are virtual and are based in towns and countries all over the world and accessible online.

Last night I had the pleasure of sharing a meal with a house sitting couple from Europe who are travelling the world while looking after homes and pets for people. Over a casual meal in my home city of Adelaide we shared a few stories and offered each other advice and tips. I was also asked for some suggestions on what to see and do in the city where I grew up. For any house sitter these connections can be priceless, and if you are new to house sitting these are a great opportunity to ask for guidance.

Virtual communities, among other things allow house sitters to source sits specific to a destination. In these online groups sitters can connect with other sitters residing there or having previously spent time there. This is also a great way to form a pre established network prior to commencing a sit in a new destination.

I am a huge advocate for the advances new technologies now permit. I use a digital platform, social media and work on establishing my own online presence and brand. I am able to advertise my services to the world, source resources and information and also have the option at hand to invite people and their pets, prospects and peers into my life. With a little bit of effort and organisation I like many other sitters can secure sits and plan ahead for months, and perhaps the most significant benefit the luxury of choice.

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