Three personality traits every house sitter should have

Since choosing to become a house sitter I have discovered that in my city, Adelaide the capital of South Australia there is no shortage of home owners looking for good, reliable sitters to assist them when they are away.

As a house sitter it has been my pleasure to connect with a lot of these home owners. There are a many things I do as a house sitter to establish myself as a professional service home owners are very satisfied with, often this can vary from sit to sit. But some things never change, and here are the three personality traits that I believe every sitter should have in spades to a) offer an excellent service and b) be asked back.


From the first email or message sent to a prospective sit this quality should always be observed. Courtesy to me is being kind, polite, friendly and respectful. This is a customer facing service in which I enter into arrangements with people from all walks of life and I embrace this quality on every phone call, meeting and extend this to neighbours whilst in the home.


House sitters must be organised. This is an absolute requirement. If you are considering becoming a house sitter how organised are you? I am obsessively so and this serves me very well. To manage frequently moving from home to home, caring for different pets, maintaining my website and social media, sending and responding to enquiries, collecting keys and cleaning houses I apply my own systematic and logical thinking in all of these.


It is never far from my mind that I am caring for a families home and usually their pets. By definition consideration is “showing careful thought”. There are basics like bringing in the rubbish bins, changing the linens and emptying the dishwasher, but careful thought goes beyond the obvious. Things like parking on the street at the first visit to the property, not only a courteous thing to do but allows drivers to come and go. Observing the dietary, behaviour and exercise directions for pets and updates and communication with owners done on their terms.

I could talk to other sitters, potential sitters and home owners for hours about sitting, but in my mind these are the three clear non negotiables. If you would like to find out if I can assist you contact me using this form and if you are a fellow sitter follow my blog for more articles.



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