Make sure your house sit isn’t a house squander

One of my favourite things about house sitting is the opportunity I get to live in different places and the experiences that come with this.  For a number of months now I have been based in one city and still this presents no shortage of new experiences. I have completed numerous house sits, north, south, east and west of the city and all have presented an opportunity to explore and try new and different things.

With each new house sit that I accept, regardless of the length, there are a couple of new things I try to do on each assignment. If you are a house sitter or considering house sitting in the future you would have already established that you like change, you enjoy trying new and different things and variety is very much a part of your life.

On every house sit I do, as a necessity, a trip to the local shops usually happens on the first day. Many cities have us spoilt for choice but I start with convenience and proximity and establish the closest supermarket and local fresh fruit grocer and bakery. Here I can find local seasonal produce sometimes straight from the paddock and fresh-baked goods from the oven that morning.

I also look to find a close local park, trail or walk. In Australia, we are spoilt for choice as our cities are full of green areas. Home owners are always a reliable source of information for the local park, and if you are sitting a dog this is always an important topic to raise. Google maps captures all of the recreation areas in addition to roads and highways; so if it is a small local park you are after for a little bit of sunshine and a quick stroll or an established conservation area with trails and hikes to choose from you can easily see where the closest, largest and longest are to you.

My preferred activities for health and wellness are yoga and Pilates so I look for local studios that offer drop in classes close by. I have had some great experiences meeting new instructors and taking part in classes as a guest in beautiful studios. Perhaps you are into swimming, tennis or bowls, there is often a club that invites guests for visits regardless of your pursuit.

At the moment I am preparing for a trip abroad, for much of this trip I will be house sitting. I am really looking forward to be travelling again and spending time in communities where I can live, explore and learn about the local culture. I am excited to be finding great local cafés for a healthy breakfast (with wifi of course to keep blogging), museums and galleries for a dose of history and conquering new and different public transport systems.

The dictionary definition of squander is to waste or allow an opportunity to be lost. If you are house sitting you have been given a gift of a day, week or month in a place where you can make it your home. Get amongst it and find out what the locals love, dive deep and enjoy.

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