Getting and preparing for international house sits

In one weeks time I am about to start a chapter in my life combining two of the things I love most, travelling and house sitting. An enviable position I admit, but important to note that considerable planning, effort and organisation has gone in. But this has not been arduous and well worth the several months of travel I have ahead with a number of international house sits in the pipeline.

I have three house sits in the South of Spain confirmed, and one house sit in France. All have pets, and all are properties I will be caring for on behalf of expats. It was no more difficult to secure these house sits than a local assignment which of course starts with a great house sitter profile.

In preparing for seeking overseas house sits I subscribed to two house sitting placement websites and have been very vigilant on social media. Mindful of social media etiquette I seek out and join groups in the areas I am intending to house sit and share my blog, advertise my services and my availability. I post regularly, respond quickly and monitor activity in the groups and pages vigilantly.

Now that sits are confirmed and dates committed, in addition to the usual preparation for an overseas holiday there a few items specific to house sitting that should not be overlooked. By now contact details have been exchanged with each of the property owners. A video call for a face to face introduction has been completed for each property and where decisions and commitments have been made verbally I have followed this up in writing. I have a social media or messenger contact for each owner, plus email and skype contact.

As a part of the seeking out and applying for house sits I have researched and chosen areas I would like to spend time in. These are communities that offer a combination of social interaction, natural beauty and activity with a cultural experience. But my research is by no means any where near as valuable as the information I receive from the home and pet owners. Transport, climate and services are three subjects I always ask about.

Date and time of arrival had been agreed on and I have factored in mode of travel and travel time around this with arrangements to arrive at least one day before the owner departs in each instance. This is for peace of mind, for the owners as well as mine and will give me ample time to get to know my new friends, their property and pets plus allows for any unexpected problems with transport.

With a week to go until I fly out now is the time for me to touch base with each of the owners before my departure and offer an additional follow up pre sit video call.  I have also shared a more detailed itinerary providing dates and times plus a commitment to touching base in transit providing reassurance my arrival is on track as planned. House sitters should remember that a house sitter is an important part of the home owners travel plans and a great house sitter provides comfort, demonstrates proven reliability and alleviates angst.

If you are house sitter follow my blog for more house sitting articles and if you require a house sitter please contact me I let me know what you require.


7 thoughts on “Getting and preparing for international house sits

  1. Well done and good tips! good luck to you!


    1. Thanks Mon, I am glad you found the article helpful.


  2. Spot on advice, very helpful. I will have done 12 sits by years end, in this, my first year. Wanting to go international in 2019. Should I consider several in a row like you have done to justify flight costs? Have a blast in Spain!!


    1. Thanks for the feedback Marc, I am glad you found the article helpful. Sounds like you have had a very busy year! I have had no difficulty in lining up a few sits with dates that run into each other so given the opportunity I have leapt at it. This is of course a personal choice. But with some organisation and a good profile you could manage to coordinate back to back sits for an extended period.


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