Some of the things your house sitter should know

So you have worked through what it is you need in a sitter, when you need them and exactly what they will be doing. Now that you are ready to start advertising and responding to sitters who are interested in helping you, consider the things they should know about you, your home, pets and neighbourhood.

One of the first considerations for almost all house sitters is the ability to access wifi. As some house sitters live a nomadic lifestyle working through digital and online means this might be a deal breaker. If you are aware of weaknesses in your internet connection make sure this is discussed early. Is it patchy, drops out at times or just runs slow now and then?

Weather is often a draw card for house sitters to some areas and the local climate should be no secret to a house sitter when they are applying. But how does the weather impact your home? Are cold winter nights particularly draughty in some parts of the house, what are the heating and cooling options and how does your home fair in the summer months if you are in a hot part of the world? Remember as a local the conditions in your area may not seem especially significant to you, but if your sitter is not from your country or city they will need to plan for this.

If pets are a part of the deal what is the current flea status? Most pets get fleas, particularly if they are outside animals. They can be managed and your sitter will know this better than most. Even if there is no current evidence of fleas that you are aware of, they may be dormant they can aggravate an individual who is especially sensitive to bug bites. If the sitter is aware of this they can manage how much or little they handle your pets and have a strategy you are happy with if fleas do show up.

Much like weather, noise can also be something a home owner can easily dismiss by being blissfully unaware. If your home is near an entertainment precinct late night live music could impact your sitters sleeping patterns . Conversely they might love live music and this is could be an attraction. Other potential noise factors you should share with your sitter include air and road traffic, early morning prayer times at a mosque or close neighbours coming and going.

These four specific items have the ability to impact how meaningful, enjoyable and suitable a stay in your home is likely to be for a sitter. If while reading this article some parts sound familiar make a note to mention these in the initial conversation you have with any potential sitter. Good sitters can be hard to find, this is often because they are resilient and adaptable and it is quite probable that none of the above will raise an eyebrow with most but your transparency will speak volumes.

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