Where will the house sitter go?

Ok, you are planning to go away and have decided that having a house sitter live in your home makes the most sense. This might be because you have pets, or your garden needs some TLC in your absence or you like the idea of the reassurance and security of someone staying in your home while you are out of town. So, where will this house sitter rest and what space will they have?

If your home has a guest suite, this is simple. If there is no guest suite then it might come down to a choice between the master bedroom and perhaps a child’s, teenagers or dependants room. I personally have no preference but in any of these scenarios it is appreciated if personal items or toys are stored away. Not every last item, but enough that there is some space on the bed side dresser and I don’t wake up thinking I’m on the set of Playschool.

If your sitter is going to be in your home for more than a few days some closet space should be cleared, or a hanging rack made available. And in the bathroom, a drawer or some bench space cleared. Likewise in the kitchen, a little pantry and fridge space is appreciated.

Your house sitter will not expect you to go out of your way. All house sitters know that the lifestyle they have chosen is one that requires a flexible affable outlook and while they have needs compromise and creativity goes a long way. Your house sitter will take care of your home as if it were there own so it is nice for them to feel at home too.


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