Why remote workers make great house sitters

There are some things that just go well together, ducks and water, strawberries and cream, movies and popcorn. These are all great combos. I think house sitting and remote work is another example of this. The complementary nature of these two lifestyle choices means that if you are a home or pet owner in need of a house sitter a remote worker could be the perfect fit.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am both a house sitter and a remote worker.

Here are the reasons why I think remote workers make excellent house sitters:

1. A sitter based at the property working much of the time will provide the additional security of having a person present in the house.

2. Pets will enjoy the company and human contact in the absence of their owners. This is especially valuable for high needs animals.

3. Many remote workers have a regular schedule, as would any employee that would typically be required to attend a physical office. A working schedule is easy to align with a pets already established routine and allow for the regular exercise and feeding they are familiar with.

4. While working from the home a remote worker can also help with accepting deliveries or meeting contractors.

5. Remote workers are online all the time, so they are easy to reach and communicate with.

There are just two things you will need to provide your sitter with – high speed reliable internet and a work station. A good guideline for internet speed is 20mbps up and down load. You can test this using an app on your phone. A workstation can be a desk or table, but not a kitchen bench or sofa. Also consider the backdrop as remote workers typically need to attend video conference calls frequently.

What was up until pretty recently a bit of a novelty – online work is now firmly in the mainstream. For homeowners that have a need for a house sitter at some time in future considering online workers will open up to you a wider field of sitter candidates to choose from.

If you do need a house sitter perhaps I can help? Use the contact form and let me know a few details about what your needs are and I will be in touch!

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