Providing for your pets while you are away

When I was considering starting out house sitting as an ongoing full time concern I was discussing this with my mother. She shared a story of a friend who had recently outlay a considerable amount of money to have her pets stay in a boarding kennel while on holiday.

I am sure there were a number of factors that led to this decision and it wasn’t taken lightly. The other option I believe all pet owners should consider is having a house and pet sitter help out. Most house sitters do not charge for their service as there is a genuine mutual benefit to both parties and all house sitters I have met are neat, caring, tidy and genuine animal lovers.

There are a number of scenarios where having a house and pet sitter is a far better choice for home owners and provides significant benefit besides financial. These all pertain to the pet.

If your pet needs care while you are out of town and is in one or more of these categories please contact me to see if I am able to help, or explore having a pet sitter come into your home or engage a trusted family member or friend.

  1. Elderly pet – these animals usually are very familiar with their routine and can be stressed easily. They may require their routine to be maintained, especially in their owners absence.
  2. Sick or injured pet – these are animals that require specific care that needs to be managed with vet instructions to be followed. A pet sitter can be briefed and will not have the distractions of needing to care for lot of other animals.
  3. Shy pet – Some animals are not comfortable around other animals and don’t like to be handled by a number of different people. A per sitter can provide calm and consistency in the owners absence.

The vast majority of pets are far happier in their own home and familiar surroundings. A regular walk at their local beach or park, their preferred food and favourite brush and bed all hold great significance in an animals life.

If I can help provide you the pet owner with peace of mind and your pet with the comfort and care they are used to please let me know.

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