The in home solution to pet and plant minding while you are away

Sourcing a house sitter to mind your home, pets and gardens while you travel is an excellent option, allowing you to rest assured that your home and garden are being maintained. You also get the peace of mind that your pets are getting the love and attention they are used to without the stress of having to leave their home.

For peace of mind leave your pets in their home, with a sitter you are comfortable with. Ask your sitter to provide the same level of one on one time, exercise and play commitment your pets are accustomed to. This means not only is there no readjustment required to their environment, but feeding times and daily regime can be maintained as well.

A sitter will not be able to immediately create the same bond you have with your families pets but by choosing a sitter that is an animal lover your flappy or fluffy kids can enjoy genuine care and affection and devotion to their wellbeing.

My name is Narelle, an animal lover myself. I love all animals and promise to care for yours as my own and follow instructions to the letter. I live an active lifestyle which I love to combine with my house sitting commitments and enjoy morning and evening walks in new neighbourhoods with a fluffy friend or two to keep me company.

Drop me a line if you would like to discuss how I can ensure your pets are cared for while minding your home in your absence. Enjoy your holiday or focus on your business trip knowing your loved ones are in good care.

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