Your home, your rules

It goes without saying when taking on a house sitting assignment I am stepping in for the owners in their absence. I am responsible for the management of the household and care of the pets while they are not there. So, when I am given instructions, my rule is to follow the directions as requested, no questions asked.

There are three areas that are especially meaningful to many home owners and to my mind, it is my job to keep their systems or processes in place, observe owners rules and respect the protocols.

Many of the home owners I sit for have a strong environmental bias. Protecting and caring for the environment and the future of our planet is something they are especially committed to, as am I. So if I am asked to uphold a recycling regime, observe modest electricity use or hang my washing rather than use the dryer I see this is a part of the house sitting assignment. It is also a part of my own personal commitment to reducing my carbon footprint where I can.

Hand in hand with the upkeep and maintenance of any environmentally sustainable practices is a commitment to modest use of electricity and water and my zero-waste policy. I have found, regardless of the country or continent I am sitting in basic utilities are a budgeted expense (and a rising one at that) and I recognise this and manage my use accordingly.

The third item I am going to mention in this blog post is the maintenance of the pets feeding and activity schedule. Where stipulated, it is imperative a pet sitter observes instructions given to them in the matter of the feeding, exercise, sleeping and discipline of the pet or pets. And, if instruction on these items does not come freely the pet sitter must find out the owners position on each of these items. This ensures there is no stress on the animal, and both the owner and the pet sitter have peace of mind. 

Ideally, the home owner will have much of this documented prior to my arrival at the property. If you are a home owner you may like to make use of these lists to make it simpler to capture specific instruction and ensure nothing is overlooked. Of course, sometimes things do get missed or forgotten, so it is essential that there are at least two channels of communication available to both parties if a curly question or scenario does come up.

If you are a home owner and seeking a sitter who is committed to respecting your wishes in your absence and making your time away stress free for you and your pet please get in touch, I look forward to hearing from you.

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