Traveling again, with Covid considerations

As a full time house sitter planning and organising comes with the territory, it’s actually a part of the house sitting lifestyle that I most enjoy. I get a great deal of satisfaction out of coordinating all of the details that need to be taken care of when going from house sit to house sit, country to country. Of course this year like most other house sitters the moving, planning, packing and flying has been on hold.

My Covid enforced house sitting break started in March this year, when a two week holiday in Georgia turned into what has now become a nine month stay. However, borders are now opening up and more planes are heading into the skies and I have recently made the decision to start taking bookings for house sits again.

Last week I confirmed a house sit for the new year and I am now making my first international travel arrangements since Covid-19 became a global health, logistic and economic issue. Once I received the offer to house sit, checked my availability (which didn’t take long) and did some research on the area I started the travel planning in earnest.

Typically these are the considerations and research steps I would usually go through when I have received an offer to house sit, before I accept and make a commitment:

  1. Can I enter the country on my passport, is a visa required and if so is it Visa On Arrival (VOA) or applied for beforehand? how long will I be permitted to stay?
  2. What are the travel options to get there; road, rail or air?
  3. How to get from the airport or bus/train station to the house sit?
  4. What are the transport options in the region I will be staying?

    This time, in what some people are calling ‘times of Covid’ there is much more to consider. For my upcoming trip I have also had to investigate the following:
  1. Travel restrictions imposed by destination country; eg: Does the country I want to travel to allow citizens of the country I am from, to enter? Does my current location have any impact on being allowed to enter the destination country? Are there any implications if my travel route transits through other countries in order to reach the destination country?
  2. Compulsory travel insurance requirements by destination country.
  3. Any isolation or quarantine period required once I have arrived at my destination.
  4. Documentation required to enter the country. Do documents need to be printed off, saved in digital format, are there codes that need to be scanned or links that need to be activated?
  5. Health testing required to enter the country. Will I be required to do a Covid-19 PCR or antigen test? Do I need to do this before I depart and is there a time window that I need to do this, or is there testing on arrival?
  6. Do I require evidence of onward travel from the destination country?
  7. Will I be required to state or show proof of where I will be staying?

The list above, or combination of both of the lists I have shared here is by no means exhaustive, it is just my research and the requirements I need to consider for one country. Clearly though, travel is not as simple as it was at the start of the year, but it is now possible. While not as many people are travelling and not as widely as before, international travel is now starting up again.

The love of travel is a personal thing, and for those that chose to travel in the coming months and year ahead this is a personal choice. If you too are travelling, stay safe and go with care.

If you are a home owner with plans to travel this year and interested in having me come and house sit for you please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.

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