How to write the perfect ad when looking for a house sitter

When seeking a house sitter who will be living in the home while the owners are away it is important the home owner is confident they have made the right choice in their selection of sitter. An application process should be followed, not dissimilar to that of hiring a new employee.

First of all you need to advertise. Spread the word. Discuss your plans with friends and family – start close to home. If a home owner can source a house sitter that they are already familiar and comfortable with this is usually a preferable situation. If not there are a number of groups anyone can join on various social media platforms and house sitting directory websites that are often free for home owners seeking a house sitter to join. Then from here, channel your copywriting skills and start writing.

But, before you start, remember you are asking for someone you have not met to enter into a unique arrangement. They are going to come into your home, accept responsibility for the security and maintenance of your asset and usually additional extra duties like pet care and garden upkeep. This needs to be an arrangement where both parties share the benefits of the deal.

Describe why you want a house sitter and what you expect. Make this clear. Be specific about the extent of the pet care, the pros and cons of your pets personalities. How far, how often and when for walks, likewise when, where and how much for feeds. Instructions for gardening should also be specific and in detail.

Describe your house and its environment. Is it an old or new build, modern or a character home and will the house sitter have their own suite. What is the neighbourhood like? Is it easy to access shopping and public transport? If there are stand out features like proximity to the beach, parks, wildlife, cafes, gyms, yoga studios, cultural or tourist attractions highlight these. Good house sitters are usually in demand and as they may be spending an extended amount of time in a home and area sitters will often be selective on the sits they choose to commit to.

Include pictures. The adage of a picture tells a thousand words has never been truer than today. It has never been easier and more affordable to share images. Use photos to highlight your property and pets, and add some of the neighbourhood too. The images help you to communicate fully to the potential house sitter. They should be recent and reflect how the home is kept and the standard which it is expected to be kept during and on completion of the sit.

Make sure you provide contact details that allow for easy and convenient exchange of information, and as a courtesy reply to all applications.

Best wishes in finding a sitter that meets all of your needs. Be open, transparent and honest, and if both the house owner and sitter benefit from the arrangement this usually opens up to repeat sits. Great for home owners that travel a lot and great for house sitters looking to forward plan.

If you have a trip coming up and would like my help let me know when you need a sitter and where you are located and I will respond to you personally.


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