You wont even know I was there

As a house sitter repeat sits make good sense.

A relationship with the property owners and their pets has been forged and trust earned. Knowledge of pet, plant and property needs have been established, a common understanding of expectations shared and after the first sit it is often a simple matter of checking and confirming dates and availability. Home owners can then attend to interstate or overseas business matters, family holidays or unexpected short notice trips out of town.

House sitters by proxy can even become an extension of the circle of family and friends. This position requires a good deal of accountability and consideration. This goes beyond the adage of treating a home as if it were your own. The home owners should return to their home to find no evidence of the house sitter having been there, except maybe a bunch of fresh flowers.

Here are some guidelines for any house sitter looking for repeat sits:

If you can’t be there when the home owners arrive ensure the property is fully secure.

Outside the home bins should have been emptied on the most recent bin day, mail collected, gardening implements and hoses tidied and gardens all up to scratch if this was in your remit.

Inside, floors and surfaces cleaned, dishes washed and dishwasher unpacked. All bedroom and bathroom linens washed and beds remade. All bins emptied with clean bin liners. If a remote battery has gone flat or a light globe blown – replace them.

The only evidence of the time you have spent at the property should be happy pets and a healthy garden and perhaps a small gift or card, this is a good opportunity to pen a short letter and pass on any information  like a maintenance concern that needs to be communicated. And don’t miss your opportunity to express your thanks in choosing you as a sitter and ask that you might be considered next time.

Follow my blog for helpful articles for both the home owner and house sitter. Do you require a house sitter? Submit this contact form and I will be in touch shortly.

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