Why it’s important a house sit is a good fit

Whether you are a home owner looking for a suitable person to care for your property and provide for your pets or a sitter deciding on which assignment to accept it is vital that the house sitting arrangement is positive for all parties involved.

If you are a home owner, first be clear on what it is you require. Is it the peace of mind and benefit of having someone stay in your home while you are away on extended leave to provide security, maintain your gardens or provide the love and care for your animals in your absence? Maybe all or some of these describe your needs.

If you are seeking a house sit as a house sitter, is it flexibility and freedom to travel, perhaps the ability to connect with animals or  a solution to seeking accommodation in the short or long term?

There are a number of basic factors that both the home owner and house sitter should consider for this to be a suitable arrangement.  Here is a list of suggested ideas for both parties to consider to establish the basis of their decision.

Is this someone you can get along with? Have your initial conversations revealed similar personalities and interests? Does conversation come easily and reveal personality traits you can identify with?

Can you communicate with them easily? Sharing of phone numbers, emails and website profiles.

Are you able to establish trust? Has this been a personal referral? Are you satisfied with references? Be sure to ask a lot of questions to establish this.

As a house sitter there are a number of variables that I take into consideration before accepting any assignment. This is to ensure I am not over promising on what I am able to deliver and the home owner receives the level of commitment they are expecting. As a working professional I always share this information, it is unlikely I will be able to stay at the property or provide companionship for pets during business hours. I also take into careful consideration the location of the sit, whether it be a local long term assignment or perhaps somewhere in a unique location which I am willing to travel to.

These are some basic guidelines I would encourage anyone needing a house sitter or looking for a house sit to review. This should be a starting point and your own personal requirements should be discussed before making any commitments.

If you are looking for a house sitter drop me a line and let me know what you need, I look forward to hearing from you.



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