Every house sitter has their limits

When a home owner offers me the opportunity to look after their home, pets and garden or when I approach a home owner to offer my services for a period of time I am always, in all I do completely upfront and honest.

Two cardinal rules I never stray from are:

  1. Never double book
  2. Know my limits

Essentially, I never overstate or over commit.

Rule one is common sense and simple. Not only do home owners expect their property and pets to be cared for, having a sitter in the home in their absence provides security and peace of mind. If you are a sitter and have double booked by accident inform the owner of the last sit you confirmed, explain the error and help find a solution.

Often home owners can be flexible and may shift dates to align with yours, again the care of pets and property and the security of having a responsible person in the property in their absence is held in high esteem and well regarded. You may be able to assist through recommending another trusted sitter (if you are 100% comfortable in doing so), suggesting groups on social media platforms or house sitting websites.

In knowing my limits I share with home owners before accepting any offer to sit some basics. Things like the hours I wont be at the property if I am working of have other commitments, my capacity to look after animals specifically to exercise regimes the number of animals I can comfortably handle. Only then do I commit to and confirm a sit.

It has been my experience that home owners appreciate this honesty and value this as a reflection of my character. This makes for a positive experience for all concerned, pets and people alike.

If you are going out of town and have some specific requirements I can help with send me a message.




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