Welcome to your Welcome Pack

I love the Welcome Pack.

What is this Welcome Pack I hear you ask? Some may call it the Guide To The House and Pets. Simply put it is a document of all of the information you, the home owner require your house sitter to remember.

Personally, for me I can never have too much information. Think pets feeding times, dietary requirements and behaviours to note. Rubbish bins, mail and parcel collection. Contact numbers, for you, your family, neighbours, vet, council, electrician, plumber, gardener and real estate agent if it is a rental property. Your itinerary while you are away. You may even want to add in some general interest information like local library, attractions, public transport, markets, gym etc. And most important, don’t forget the WIFI password!!!

A little bit of work and some effort is required to collate this information, but with it comes peace of mind for both the home owner and the house sitter. For the home owner, this will ensure no pieces of information are missed or overlooked in the pre departure hand over. For the house sitter it is an excellent reference document to ensure no tasks are overlooked.

For a short weekend sit it might be half a dozen dot points noted on the day the home owner leaves with a contact phone and email. For a long sit home owners may include all of the above, insurances and appliance manuals and is important if the home owner can’t be contacted for a period.

This should be a simple task, and not require a lot of time to prepare and can be saved and edited for future sits. If you would like a clear framework, or just a had to get started or way to review what you have done to be sure you have not missed anything check out my helpful home owner check lists here.

If you require a house sitter contact me with your details and I look forward to meeting you.


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