Choosing the right house sitter for you

Selecting a house sitter to look after your property; perhaps pets and grounds while you are out of town should be well considered but does not have to be difficult or arduous. If a trusted friend or family member is not available home owners have a number of other resources to choose from.

You may be able to source a sitter through a recommendation from a trusted source, someone who has engaged a sitter before, had similar requirements as you do at the time and was impressed with the care provided. Other options available to home owners include house sitting websites that sitters pay to join. As a paid member sitters post their profile which usually includes history and references, photos and availability. There are also groups on social media where house sitters can post to advertise their services.

Once you identify a house sitter you feel may be suitable coordinate a time to have a phone conversation. This is a good opportunity to set expectations, gauge interest and commitment. From here a meeting in person at the property is recommended especially for long term sits, and where pets are involved. Things to look for are a genuine love for animals, natural interaction with your pets and an appreciation for your home.

Sometimes meeting isn’t always possible and it isn’t necessary to exclude a sitter if this is the case. A phone call or skype call will often suffice, look for a personal connection to be established over the phone. This can help form a basis on which to choose a sitter. Layer this with a profile that matches what you are looking for with good references and you can narrow it down to a choice of sitter you are very comfortable and satisfied with.

If you have reached this point and your preferred sitter is available to look after your home secure the sit, confirm dates and swap contact details. Very good house sitters are often in high demand.  You can now move on to plan for the time you are away with the peace of mind that your home will be in good hands.

If you require a house sitter contact me and I look forward to meeting you.

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