Why have I chosen to be a house sitter?

House sitting is a very intentional choice for me in designing the perfect life I want to live. Like many house sitters the two main reasons are the joy and the freedom it allows. I am blessed to have full time work in a central location in a city boasting the choice of sea, hills, metropolitan, suburban or rural living. There is a lot to choose from. So I have decided, in exchange for my services to seek out and experience many of the options on offer.

I am a home owner and I am caring and responsible and have plenty of life experience. Plus the flexibility to seek sits to compliment future travels is a great bonus.

My free service guarantees I am not motivated by money, and my priority while in your home is to care for your home and pets as you would. I am also committed to choosing only house sits that are suited to what I am seeking at the time. I won’t over commit to handling animals or gardens beyond my means or choose a location that requires significant travel for long term sits while working.

This ensures the home owner can rest assured the day to day running of the home and care of pets is to their standard and I always fulfil all my obligations.

I will live in your home while you are away and take care of the home, pets and yard. As the home is occupied it is much safer than if it is left empty. Also, the pets are well cared for, relaxed, exercised and  stress free in their usual surroundings while the garden and lawn are maintained.

Check out my services and drop me a line if you have any questions.

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