Could you be a house sitter?

I am a full time house sitter. Home and pet owners ask me to come and live in their house while they are out of town to take care of things and mind their animals. I am always exploring new places, meeting new people and making new friends. It’s lots of fun, always interesting and never gets boring.

I live in other people’s homes, sleep in beds that aren’t mine and move frequently. And this suits me just fine. But if you were to be a house sitter how would it suit you? For many people, at best these are inconveniences and for most it simply would not work. But, if you have read this far and are yet to bat an eye lid it is likely the house sitters lifestyle may suit you too.

Aside from accepting the short term and temporary living situation, when on assignment the house sit commitments always come first. Pets need to be fed, dogs walked, plants watered, pool cleaned, lawn mowed, house cleaned and secured. While I am house sitting my needs are second after my house sitting commitments have been met, every day. There is no skipping a day, putting it on hold or leaving it to later.

A part of agreeing to care for the homes and pets of others is understanding that with this often come unconditional terms. Like young puppies that misbehave while walking or require toilet training, old homes that are damp or draughty, or living with bugs and dust.

When I come up against a scenario that is not ideal I first identify if I can manage, improve, change or influence the situation. Will different lighting reduce the bugs? Is there a place the dog can be walked without traffic? Can doors be sealed to reduce dust or draughts?

If I can make some small changes to make the situation less stressful, less complicated or more comfortable I do it. It may take some effort on my part, but this comes with the territory. If I can not change the situation, for example a dog that needs to be toilet trained or a damp house, I know this too comes with the territory and like every house sit this too will be temporary.

It always helps when I remind myself how fortunate I am and be grateful and keep my promises while making the most of what each sit offers.

If you are interested in house sitting follow my blog for regular articles and if you require a sitter send me a message and let me know how I can help you.


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