Pets with benefits

Almost exclusively, all of the house sits I have done required the care of the family pet or pets. Ranging from lizards, birds, cats, dogs, bunnies, fishes and frogs; the detail of the job at hand differs with each and every sit.

There are a number of core functions that never change – to feed, groom, comfort and care, administer medication where required, exercise, and ensure the animals are secure and safe. Typically, these parts of the animal’s life go on unchanged and uninterrupted. In addition to this when I am house sitting there are additional benefits for the pets that complement their already established routine.

  • I am an active person, walking or hiking daily. Dogs love this! The dogs get to enjoy discovering new places, hiking mountains, and exploring parks and walking trails.
  • I like to enjoy local restaurants and cafes. If a dog is cool with crowds, I will seek out dog-friendly venues for a quick lunch or quiet dinner. This is fun for doggos that like to have a change of scenery and some socialisation.
  • As a self-confessed ocean lover I really enjoy having a four-legged companion during a day out at the beach. If I am house sitting in a coastal area I always look for dog-friendly beaches for some off-leash fun, ball chasing sessions and zoomies on the sand.
  • All the animals I care for receive the benefit and stimulation of making a new friend, and a companion that is very alert to special needs. I am almost always in the company of animals and know when to get close, create space, be calm and quiet, or when to provide, fun, familiarity and firmness.
  • When I house sit I work online, which means my schedule is very predictable. While I am working I’m in the home with the pets. For cats that like living on laps, birds that like to chat or dogs that are anxious, this is the perfect proxy for their owner.

The way I like to describe it; is on every house sit I get to make new best friends. For the pets, they get to change it up and have extra fun for a while, it’s like when kids go on Summer Camp – except the animals don’t even need to leave their home!

Send me a message if you would like to discuss your house and pet sitting requirements. I will ensure your pets are cared for while minding your home in your absence, leaving you to enjoy your holiday or focus on your business trip while your pets are in the best of care.


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