First time getting a house sitter?

I am absolutely serious about house sitting, I do it full-time and I have been doing it for years. Anyone I have spoken to about house sitting or that I have house sat for will tell you the same thing, I am lazer focused on doing an excellent job.

Naturally to do the best job of house sitting – the pets, home and property must be extremely well looked after. In addition to this the other priority of mine is the owner (or owners). I take great care to ensure they are feeling comfortable and reassured so they can travel without any burden of concern or worry. It is important to me that when the owners depart, they leave with complete peace of mind that everything has been left in very capable and caring hands. Leading up to this point we will have built a relationship that has typically grown over a number of months and there will have been a number of conversations, emails, messages plus planning that has taken place.

It is very common for me to house sit for people that are using a sitter for the first time. While house sitting is a growing movement it is still a new concept for many people. In these circumstances it is even more important that it is a positive experience for the owners, and they will want to have a house sitter again in the future.

When a home owner contacts me for the first time there are a number steps I put in place. These are designed to assist the owners in getting to know me, understand what is involved in having me house sit for them and what the mutual expectations would be. They are:

  • Initial messages or emails to establish when, where, availability and main responsibilities.
  • Video call for a conversation about what is involved and the expectations.
  • Follow up email to accept the house sit and confirm dates.
  • House sit is added to the Pet and Plant Poppins calendar and dates are blocked out.
  • Leading up to the house sit I am available on messaging platforms, email and calls. Typically we form a friendship on social media, this can happen over the course of months.
  • The owner receives a monthly newsletter from me that includes confirmation of confirmed future house sits (including theirs), when and where.
  • As the time of the house sit approaches the precise details of arrival and departure dates and times are confirmed including allowance for 1-2 day handover.

To provide further assurance and insight into me and my experience there are endorsements and dozens of pictures of happy pets on my website to view, and of course a significant library of blog articles to dive into.

House sitting allows me to live an interesting life where I meet great people and their pets, and travel to wonderful places. If you need a house sitter or just want to find out more, send me a message and I look forward to speaking with you soon.


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