Set your mind at ease with a house sitter

Often home and pet owners will arrange for a friend or neighbour to attend to their  property and pets while they are away. On a regular basis they will check on pets and the home, visiting for a short period of time, providing a walk for active animals and regular feeds, checking the mail box and that all is generally in order.

This provides a sense of ease and comfort for the owner and the arrangement is with a known and trusted person who is usually familiar with the property and animals, plus there is little hand over to complete and communication lines are established and is easy to set up.

I however strongly believe a live in house sitter is a significantly better choice for all parties concerned. The owner has greater peace of mind that with the sitter being based at the property; the pets, house and grounds get significantly more attention and there is no burden placed on friends, neighbours or family. On the last two sits I have completed two separate incidents arose unexpectedly where only a live in sitter would have been able to address and solve the problem at hand.

In the first situation a cat I was sitting came inside very early in the morning with a large piece of plumbing pipe wedged around its neck. Fortunately the cat was not significantly distressed and I was able to remove it easily. And most fortunate was that I was able to do it the very first moment I woke. Had a sitter not been residing at the property, relying on a neighbour or a friend to pop in and visit likely would have meant that this cat would have had this pipe around it neck for several hours.

The second situation was a sit for an Adelaide woman on a holiday overseas. On the third day of her trip she was contacted by her real estate agent to alert her to a change in body corporate rules. No longer was her cat going to be allowed in the common areas of the unit complex. As I had established clear lines of communication with the owner while she was over seas this change was bought to my attention straight away and I was able to make some changes in her home on her behalf to meet the new requirements. The cat flap was moved, kitty litter tray set up and neighbours were happy.

Dealing with these situations is all a part of being a house sitter and is really no trouble, because I was there at the time, knew the animals and was living in the home. Should you be going out of town and think you might need a house sitter let me know.


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