Are some cities a better fit to find a house sit?

If you are a house sitter or considering seeking out house sits you may notice that the demand for sitters changes in different locations and destinations. I believe sits are easier to find in some locations, over others due to different factors.

Choosing where to source a sit can be driven by a couple of things. Very practical reasons like a short, or long term solution to finding housing close to where you work or more romantic pursuits like a seaside community to spend your summer. The ease of finding a sit will be impacted by your suitability as a sitter being your profile and the demand for sitters in the area.

I believe if you can demonstrate you are reliable and trustworthy there are many places you will be able to settle down for short or long periods due to a need for good house sitters out there. There are some locations that  have a higher demand than others.

For the past six months I have been house sitting in Adelaide, South Australia. All of the sits have been within an easy drive to the CBD and the demand has been consistent throughout this period without any impact by the changing of season. I put this down to the stable nature of the population in Adelaide. While a beautiful and pleasant city, Adelaide is not a city that draws big tourist numbers, nor is the state of South Australia. There is an abundance of middle class families and home and pet ownership is standard. Which means individuals, couples and families from South Australia are often going interstate or overseas for long and extended holidays, they have dogs and cats and  a vested interest in ensuring their home is secure and cared for in their absence. The most valuable tool in securing the sits I have completed while living in Adelaide has been my membership in an Australian House Sitting website.

The other type of town or city that generates a strong demand for sitters is quite different. Communities that draw strong, seasonal tourist numbers but have a local middle class population with a strong bias for pet ownership. These are often locations that embrace an active and out doors lifestyle where the pert ownership may extend to horses, live stock and farm animals.

Residents of these towns and cities require sitters for all of the same reasons the residents of Adelaide do. They have animals, a commitment to maintain their home and travel often and far. Think ski towns in Summer, expat communities, wine regions over the festive season and small alpine villages. I have found these kind of sits through researching destinations and being active on social media.

Good luck in your house sitting pursuits, and follow my blog for more helpful articles if you are a house sitter or require the help of house sitters. Please contact me if you are a home owner and you would like to see if I can assist you.


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